Samruf Technical Services Ltd considers HSE as essential part of our general policy and priority responsibility for the following activities;

Physical protection of health and safety of company personnel and parties.

Continuous attention to all environmental matters, related to the activities performed, in order to prevent any possible environmental damage.

Continuous attention in order to prevent any loss of life, production or damage to equipment or property.

A high safety level in the company contributes to the quality of its image.

No economy or any other consideration comes before safety.

No employee should suffer constraints concerning the reporting of risks or potential danger.

Every member of management is empowered to act in matters of health safety and Environmental Protection.

No accident damage to the environment can be justified.


Samruf Technical Services Ltd shall at all times ensure that all her staff is medically fit to discharge their duties effectively.

Company’s retained clinic shall handle all routine medical emergencies.

Company shall make health monitoring of staff routine affair to ensure continued fitness of all staff.

Company forbids the use, and sales of alcohol on her premises or at work sites.

Company shall encourage all necessary measures and rules to keep the workers safe and healthy.