Sunday Rufus

Operation Manager/HSE Coordinator

Sunday Rufus is the Operation Manager & the Health Safety Environmental Coordinator of Samruf Technical Services Limited.

He is responsible in supervising and coordinating the activities of the company on day to day basis, ensure that delivery products/services are capable of achieving their performance and availability targets in the most cost effective manner by avoiding field nonconformities, follow up activities on nonconformities and corrective actions, to ensure that the overall interest of the clients, employees, Samruf and other stakeholders are adequately protected, etc.

He ensures that the company’s HSE policy is implement, adhered, understood and communicated to all employee, to assist the management to carry out their responsibilities for all aspect of health and safety, proper good housekeeping on site through supervision, inspection, monitoring, auctioning and educating, to keep and maintain all HSE performance record including medical and first Aid book, and many more.

He is experienced in Oil well completion tools and services, API & OCTG Machine Shop Services, Instrumentation and Calibration, Welding and Fabrication, Inspection (Dimensional/Conformity Checks) on oil tools, Machining of flanges, marines shaft, Teflon and Metal Drift Mandrels, Drilling and Boring of Small & large hole, Drill-collars, Drill pipes, Tubing & Casing Pipes repairs & supply, x-overs, Pup Joints, Blast Joint & Float Couplings, and many more.

Sunday Rufus has a B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering from Imo State University, Imo State, Nigeria. He is certified in General HSE and Contractor – Employee HSE (LEVEL III) from Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON), Project Management from International Project Management professionals (IPMP), Technical and Research team from Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IMECH-E), ASNT LEVEL II – American Society for Non-Destructive Testing from Gennesaret Resources Nigeria Limited.